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  1. John Thomas on Freight Brokering
    Dedicated to building a community of Truck Drivers, Logistics Workers and Business Opportunity Seekers where Ideas, Information and Resources abound by John Thomas, freight broker expert.
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  3. Lab Aids Journal
    Created to provide information about science modules and kits for students to understand and learn well about the subject. These materials are truly helpful in building educated children of the future.
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  4. Lauderdale Education Ethics Attorney
    The Law Offices of Steve Rossi P.A. in Fort Lauderdale, Florida represents teachers and students in education law. Call us at 954-524-0506.
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  5. laws help
    Free legal help and information on law problems for find solutions of legal problems Legal Advice and Answers to Law Questions from Lawyers, and Insurance Advice, Ratings and Quotes
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  6. Learning, living and managing
    houghts on management, education and living with an asian twist
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  7. Life of an American Trucker
    Experiences during the first year on the road
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  8. Little Candles: Education forum
    It's about education, parenting, and learning
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  9. Little Mouse. Big World
    In pursuit of loving Christ, traveling the world and smiling daily.
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  10. LiveBinders - Searching for Lost Bookmarks
    Organizing bookmarks on a wide variety of sites
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  11. Living in Today
    A blog written by a high school girl about every day life things. From relationships, to self-image, to homework, this blog touches on every aspect of the middle and high school life.
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  12. Managing Human Resource
    A lot of people think that hiring people or firing them is a no brainer’s job. After all, they have the degree and you hire them. So, why do you need an entire human resource department to take care of matters? Well, the answer to this ages old dilemma is actually very simple. Human potential is what governs the company. You may have the strategy but if you don’t have the manpower to implement this strategy, success will continue to elude you. Additionally, having the manpower is not sufficient. When you hire an employee, you are not buying a slave. Therefore you need to ensure that a proper working environment is maintained that enables them to deliver. These responsibilities are handled by the human resource manager or the HR department.

    Given the pace at which the industries are growing and the important role that the human potential is playing in shaping their future, the human resource department is turning out to be extremely important. However, as of now there are very few institutions like Symbiosis Centre for Management and Human Resource Development that are able to cater to these demands of the industry. Offering a well-researched curriculum that is taught by an equally expert faculty, SCMHRD has been churning out some of the finest HR managers of the country that have helped corporate India by lending their shoulder to the wheel and stimulating the growth.

    SCMHRD follows a centralized admission format where students are taken in through the SNAP test. However, giving the SNAP test is just the first hurdle. Before securing their admissions into SCMHRD, students have to clean one round of group discussion and personal interview as well. This is usually the stage where the panel of experts examines your potential as a student and decides your eligibility. While the interview is an in-depth analysis of your resume and awareness about the current scenario, the group discussion is simply to test your ability as a manager to work in a team.

    Each of these sessions is supervised by a panel of experts and even when you are amongst other students, you get marked individually. The whole purpose of doing so is to prepare you for your life as the manager who is expected to multitask and deliver accurately. Even the assignments included as part of this curriculum are done to give students a feel of the real time scenario that they should expect when they get into the corporate rat race.

    Additionally, SCMHRD gives every student the required support in terms of facilitating them with a placement cell that keeps them updated with the latest available opportunities. In fact, opportunities are sourced and presented to students. Faculty members even provide the required amount of guidance helping students prepare and therefore present themselves more accurately. For a student, this comes across as the perfect way to earn a return on the money that they have invested for their post graduation education. This is what makes SCMHRD one of the preferred choice for students all over the world. But if you missed the chance get into the SCMHRD no need to worry because you can apply for Executive MBA in Pune from SCMHRD.

    This is a good opportunity for all working professional who can get professional experince with Executive MBA degree. Which will help you to boost your career.
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  13. Married My Airman
    Follow my journey of being married to the Air Force.
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  14. Mass Communication Courses
    WLCI College - WLCI a media and mass communication school/institute offers media studies or programmes in India with their campuses in 16 cities including Noida, Delhi, Mumbai, Ahmedabad, Bangalore, Bhubaneswar, Chennai, Goa, Hyderabad, Indore, Jaipur, Nagpur, Pune, etc.
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  15. MBAXPLOIT: Resources & Tools for MBAs and future applicants
    Resources & Tools for MBAs and Future MBA applicants
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  16. Med-Source
    Med-Source provides medical students with the resources they need to save time, excel, and get some sleep during med school. Tons of downloads, exam advice and book recommendations.
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  17. Meelou and Me
    Me, my school and my dog
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  18. Modern Girl Life Blog
    Blog about mommy life, pregnancy, beauty, education, reviews, newborn,
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  19. Mt. Kilimanajro: An Adventure With a Higher Purpose
    This site is dedicated to raising donations for the Olivia Wood Memorial Scholarship Fund and the Friends of Tanzanian Schools.
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  20. Musicline
    Musicline's blog is for teachers directing their end-of-term musical. It's packed with advice about directing successful musicals, anything helpful (and musical) that we can think of and general fun stuff. We hope you enjoy!
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