October 25, 2020

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  1. ClearMYRecord.com Blog
    Focuses on news, resources, and advice relating to expungement, sealing, and pardoning of criminal records and background checks.
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  2. How to exchange glue?
    How to exchange glue?
    In the process of using spreading device, Occasionally it needs to be replaced because of the physical properties of the glue, or cost considerations. In the process of replacing the glue, if we make operational errors, it will result in the pollution of glue, basic operation to replace glue is as follows, it is just for reference;

    Ⅰ.Close the intake valve of A, B materials barrel, to open the exhaust valve to release its internal pressure;

    Ⅱ. Remove A, B materials return tube to connect to one side of the barrel of materials and place in the glue container (it can be discarded or recyclable);

    Ⅲ. Open metering pump until the glue in the material bucket empty.

    Ⅳ.Open the top cover of the material bucket and clean up the residual glue internal completely .

    Ⅴ. To input the new glue

    Ⅵ. Open the metering pump to release glue for more than 15 minutes, at this time the feeding tube should not be installed back into original place, glue discharge can not be reused, should be abandoned;

    Ⅶ. To connect the back feeding tube to the material barrel, give pressure in the barrel, open the metering pump to cycle.

    Ⅷ. Glue replacement is completed.
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  3. How to save money on heating or cooling bills in home?
    Heating or cooling is a necessity on which people use lots of energy in houses according to the outside weather. For this necessity, people pay lots of money. However, what most people don’t know is that, they can also save money on heating or cooling bills. The question is- how you can be energy efficient. How can you save capital on the energy used in home?
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  4. Powder Packing Machines
    We provide tips and new Information about packaging machines by our Blogs. In our Blogs we try to cover new updating info about all types of packing machinery. We are regular updating our Blog.
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  5. The solution to the phenomenon of breakpoints and blow-by
    The solution to the phenomenon of breakpoints and blow-by

    In the actual pruducing process, it will occur this phenomenon of unevenness gelatinizing or irregular breakpoint occasionally, which always result in these two points as follows:

    First, it results in unclean mixing chamber. In the process of after sales, we found that many customers do not care about the equipment maintainance, so the mixing chamber is always dirty and even they do sloppy work for cleaning, which is an extremly irresponsible behavior towards the products quality. Whether the mixing chamber is clean will definitely influence the adhesive strips quality. If it has formed crusts in the mixing chamber, and the crusts become into small uneven size particles under the condition of stirring at a very high speed, if the particals mixes up with glue, there maybe the breakpoints or the colloid surface is matt with impurities on the adhesive strips for blocking the spray nozzle with the crusts, it can block the holes for glue injecting absolutely to make A and B group pressure change and then influence the glue ratio.

    Second, to check whether there is enough raw material in the barrel. If it is not enough, it will also occurs the phenomenon of breakpoints. The breakpoints caused by low raw material liquid lever will be always with the phenomenon of blow-by, if we add the raw material, and still we can not solve this problem, then the problem must exist on the rubber valve sealing, if the sealing ring in the rubber valve can not seal well will lead to the compressed air enter into the rubber valve front from the rubber valve, and the breakpoints with bubbles. For the situation, if we change the sealing ring, it is OK.

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