November 28, 2020

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  1. Bob Horner Art
    The Painting A Day Blog of Bob Horner. Bright Cartoony paintings Handcrafted Daily. Pop surrealism lowbrow Juxtapoz style art painted and updated every day.
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  2. My ART
    Blog by Yulia Katkova. Conversations about Art & Painting
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  3. Nae's Nest
    my cancer book scripts:
    My mind has been occupied with questions about my mortality and about leaving a piece of myself behind.

    I talk about Cancer, often metaphorically through my poetry. I slash dragons and chase monsters- all who are named Cancer.

    I look in the mirror and all I see is Cancer. Cancer consumes me. It becomes my identity. I speak for all who are fighting cancer or hold the hand of a loved one who is fighting cancer.
    We are brothers and sisters.
    We travel the same path.
    We wear the same mask.
    We are you. You are me.
    We are Cancer.
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  4. SurrealPete Artwork Blog
    Digital collage composite

    artworks by surrealpete themed

    fantasy surrealism sci-fi blog

    showcases new artworks and

    selected older works has links

    to main website and quotes blog

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