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  1. Need of Domain Knowledge for Software Testers
    V-Model mandates the need for involvement of Software Testers from beginning of the Software Development life cycle.But in most of the cases, Software Testers are not having enough exposure to “business” background of the application.
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  2. :: Bug Free Zone - Software Quality And Testing ::
    Welcome to bug free zone of extensive SOFTWARE QUALITY ASSURANCE and TESTING information - large FAQ, lists of resources, and listing of web site testing/management links and blogs.
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  3. 10 Reasons Mobile Apps Fail (The First Chapter: Reasons 1-5)
    First, the bad news. In the rush to get enterprise mobile apps out the door fast, a lot of things aren’t turning out as expected. A surprising number of these apps end up with low user adoption, short shelf lives, and disappointing ROI. The good news is that about 90% of mobile app failures can be attributed to the same 10 reasons – and all of them can be avoided. Use these 10 points as a kind of pre-flight checklist before planning any new mobile initiative, and you dramatically improve your chances of a successful launch.
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  4. A blog about software testing, it's provide full information regarding software testing, software testing types, software testing levels and it's services
    This blog provide the full information regarding software testing, it's includes the software testing types, software testing levels, software testing methods, software testing models, black box testing, compatibility testing, functional testing, GUI testing, acceptance testing, alpha testing, beta testing, sanity testing, system testing, smoke testing, security testing, stress testing, scalability testing, performance testing, usability testing, regression testing, grey-box testing, white box testing, testing case and test case template, interview question of software testing and many more.. It's also provide the information regarding software testing certification like ISTQB and automated testing tools like selenium IDE-Selenium Features, selenium components and its advantages.
    Using this blog you can get all the knowledge of software testing. This blog best for who are fresher in software testing field. Software Testing News and Software Testing Book selling is the advanced options in this blog. Using certification option you can get all the details of software testing certifications.
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  5. Abodeqa
    Here viewer can find out articles related to Software Testing
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  6. Ace the LSAT - Free LSAT Tips and Tricks, Updated Weekly by Professional LSAT Tutor in NYC
    Free Tips from a Professional LSAT Tutor in NYC Updated Every Friday
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  7. Agile Software Quality
    Agile testing as it relates to personal well being and comedy
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  8. All Technical Interview Questions
    All Technical Interviews |Java Interview Questions | IT interview questions | Software Testing Interview questions | .Net Interview Questions
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  9. Ask QTP
    Objective of this blog to help in real time test engineers by providing code which i have gathered or prepared.This blog is noway a discussion blog rather i would say this is a global repository. Have Query???? or stuck in the middle of Automation Testing??? Search here or mail me."if this page hangs ...just give it sometimes"
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  10. AskTester
    AskTester is not just another forum. AskTester is a community of professional testers where we can freely ask questions about testing, speak up your opinions, show your interests and sharing stuffs. Not like forum, AskTester will make sure your voice is listened.
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  11. Blog
    Inside View of Java: The Java Programming Language Inside Java offers a flash behind the Java stage, and related innovations.
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  12. Blogs of Software Testing and Quality Assurance
    Read all the latest news articles & Blogs of Software Testing and Quality Assurance industry.
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  13. Business reporting and Analysis that talk
    Examples, real cases and concrete tips on how to create effective business reporting and analysis and how make the best use of it all.
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  14. Carry Out Fiber Optic Cleaning Procedure for Flawless Data Transmission
    In any case, you wonder that your computer, internet or networking system is facing any obstruction in its running; it is the high time to go for fiber optic cleaning procedure, which would help to mend the loose ends of data cables in the best possible way.
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  15. Clep testing
    We have everything you need clep preparation for your Exams as clep study guides, clep testing, dsst preparation and clep out of in one place.
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  16. Clinical Neuropsychology - Blog
    Learn about the latest advances in neuropsychological testing and developments in neuropsychological evaluation.
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  17. Current Education Issues
    Closing the Understanding Gap Between Parents and Teachers by a Guy Who Is a Parent and a Teacher.
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  18. DataFlow Group Blog – Background Screening Via Primary Source Verification
    DataFlow is a leading provider of immigration screening, employment verification and many other background screening services via primary source verification. Our blog is the best online background screening information resource.
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  19. Definitive Guide for Improving Indoor Air Quality – Air Testing
    Indoor air testing and detection of impure particles suspended in the air are definitely a laborious task but in order to keep a building and the rooms of a house safe and pollution-free, there are serious needs of air quality testing. We often tend to ignore the fact that due to air impurities almost more than seven million people die in the world every year due to respiratory ailments caused by moulds, termites, carpet dusts, pesticides and even room fresheners.

    There are many reputed air testing companies UK whose findings have revealed an astonishing fact that the rate of polluted air in the indoor areas is larger than the concentration of polluted air in the outdoor areas.

    What are some of the common allergens which must be removed from homes?

    Air testing services like the Southern Assessors have found out that there are active methods of improving indoor air quality:

    Proper air leakage tests must be conducted to understand and remove the primary and secondary source of pollutants
    air quality testing services also recommend to turn off heaters and air coolers once in a week to allow the smooth flow of natural air inside a room
    air testing in buildings also point out how strategic areas like the bathroom, kitchen sinks, building basement and the attics are areas which are prone to mould growth
    Building a comprehensive air-tightness test is necessary to understand where pollutants and termites are breeding, and to wipe them with disinfectants or vinegar
    Reputed air testing companies also point out that it is important to vacuum clean corner of rooms and balconies to stop the free flow of dusts
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  20. Direct Marketing Testing – Walk Then Run
    As any good direct marketer would tell you, testing is the key to a successful direct mail campaign. Having the right balance of test elements allows you to understand what components are working, and what needs continued refinement. 
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