January 22, 2021

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  1. Website Security Testing” to become Free !
    There are 600 million websites that need protection. Security testing tools are expensive and need trained man power to operate them. We probably do not have enough humans on earth to test all the 600 million online applications on a regular basis. Its time somebody did what Hotmail did to email or Skype did to VOIP. Its time that somebody democratized Website security Testing! It is a lofty dream and I am sure it is a challenging one too. At iViZ we have made this our dream!
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  2. what are diabetes
    Introduction to diabetes. Learn about the types of diabetes, symptoms, treatments, food planning and more
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  3. What are LDLs, and what is their relation to advanced lipid testing?
    Advanced lipid testing is important to treat patients with an unfavorable amount of lipoproteins. It is very important to know the role of lipoproteins, and what one can do to regulate their amount in the body.
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  4. Why it is important to clean fiber cables?
    As we know fiber cables are the thin strings of glass or plastic that use light signals to transfer data from one location to another. In actual, light travels faster than electrical current. That is why fiber cables are the high used guided media used in communication networks. Fiber cables are easy susceptible to dirt, oil frequently from human hands, and other contaminations.
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