January 20, 2021

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  1. Build Own Solar Panels
    Get Tutorials on how to build your own home solar panel,wind generator, from the comfort of your home. Also Discover how you can live off the grid with greener energy technologies.
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  2. Regen2Energy Envoiromental Solutions
    Regen2Energy is your online source for the best prices on residential and commercial off-grid & grid-tied solar panels and renewable energy products for your home or business including solar power systems, RV and marine power systems, wind systems, and back-up power. Retail and wholesale pricing available – we will meet or beat our competitors’ bids for your project. From one Solar Panel to one Mega Watt anywhere in the world.

    We can help you design, and then provide the solar or wind energy systems for, projects large, small, and in between. We have solutions and designs available for homeowners and do-it-yourselfers will love our pre-packaged solar kits. Contractors, installers, electricians, developers, and RV, boat, and homeowners are encouraged to call our experienced solar design techs to discuss what we can do for you. If you are a homeowner and are calling for a consultation, please have your most recent electric bill ready and we can get started designing a system that meets your needs.

    Finance Can be arranged for large projects full EPC service available
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  3. Sustainable Energy Blog
    Renewable Energy Blog- Solar Water Heating, Solar PV, Heat Pumps and Wind turbines
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  4. The Alternative Energy Investor
    Want to know how to take advantage of the coming Alternative Energy Boom. All the latest news on Wind Energy, Solar Power, and Green Energy Stocks, ETFs and more. Latest news, guest bloggers and videos updated throughout the day, everyday
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